Leading Change

Managers who have learned to master change, who channel its impacts to advance their objectives, also need to manage its limits.
Price Waterhouse Change Integration Team

What are the toughest questions and challenges leaders face when change is in the air? When does a leader become an expert guide for an organization seeking equilibrium in chaos, or a sea of upheaval? We answer the following key questions so you and your leadership team benefit from participating in our Workshop on Leading Change:

  1. Have we demonstrated that we are masters of leading our enterprise through transformational change?
  2. Do the members of your leadership team have a shared point of view on how to lead transformational change? Would we benefit from having one?
  3. Is it critical to our long-range performance that we become "mutually accountable" for aligning the enterprise with the opportunities and threats in your external environment?

If you have wondered about these questions then we can help. By participating in our Workshop process, you will gain insights and awareness about the following:

  • Why change efforts fail
  • What it is like to be on the receiving end of change
  • The criteria for successful change
  • The importance of "pain management" in any change initiative
  • The importance of having a Stakeholder Commitment Plan
  • Never underestimating the power of vision

When you leave the Workshop you will have improved your team's change management toolkit: As a team you will have a shared point of view on how to lead change and you will jointly be able to:

  • Apply John Kotter's Eight-Stage Process for Achieving Transformational Change and Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis Model
  • Develop a Change Commitment Map
  • Develop a strategy and action plan for communicating change
  • Measure the progress of your change initiatives

A great chess master once said that before the match begins, “All of the mistakes are there waiting to be made." Our experience convinces us that this maxim applies to any change initiative. Our Workshop can help you reduce or eliminate mistakes!

There are pre-Workshop activities, which may include readings, assessments, survey questionnaires or casework, so you are primed and ready to make tangible progress when a workshop begins.

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