Tackling Tough Conversations

He harms the good who spares the bad.
Publius Syrus

When we ask the question, “What would be most leveraging for your organization?” we often hear, “increased communications or more effective communications.” Fundamental to an empowered team first requires the participants to master the discipline of dialogue -- the capacity of members to suspend their assumptions, learn to probe deeper into issues and learn to synergistically work together.

All executives, leaders, managers and team members will benefit from learning how to suspend their assumptions and beliefs and enter into a learning conversation with others.

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Understand how your brain works using Argyris Ladder of Inference
  • Recognize the three different conversations we are having when talking with others
  • Practice Appreciative Inquiry to gain more information and ultimately have more productive conversations
  • Tackle the tough issues that have been avoided

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Track how others come to their conclusions
  • Begin to inquire to better understand others' thinking
  • Recognize how your assumptions and beliefs decrease your effectiveness
  • Prepare, participate in and complete tough conversations

There are pre-Workshop activities, which may include readings, assessments, survey questionnaires or casework, so you are primed and ready to make tangible progress when a workshop begins.

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