Dynamics for the Family Firm

The first rule of holes. When you are in one stop digging.
Molly Ivans

The term 'family business' has been interpreted in many ways but W. G. Dyer, a well-know expert in the family business field, said it best when he defined the family business as “an organization where ownership and/or management decisions are influenced by a family (or families).” Family firms face unique challenges. This workshop will introduce you to some of those challenges and provide you with skills to navigate them.

This workshop will benefit professionals who work with family firms or family business stakeholders.

You will leave this workshop understanding:

  • The definition of the family business
  • The competing goals of the family and the business
  • How the family and business overlap
  • How normal individual, family, and business transitions and development can create difficulties in a family business
  • How issues that challenge the family in business together can stand in the way of implementing efficient and productive business procedures and documents
  • The importance of identifying key competencies and knowledge required for effective advising in family business

There are pre-Workshop activities, which may include readings, assessments, survey questionnaires or casework, so you are primed and ready to make tangible progress when a workshop begins.

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