Next Generation Leadership

We do not go to work only to earn an income, but to find meaning in our lives. What we do is a large part of what we are.
Alan Ryan

In Generation to Generation: Life Cycles of the Family Business, Gersick et al write about the “shared dream” in the family business. This dream is an “energizing vision of what the business can become that will enable the family to realize all of its individual values and aspirations.” The shared dream begins when the children are young. As the children grow and mature they can reject their parents’ dream, but the great majority of them decide that they can realize their own dreams within the family business. Leadership and development of the future successors of the family business often takes low priority in many family firms. The research shows the correlation between leadership development of successors and long-term success of the family business.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The importance and stages of successor development
  • How to lay the psychological groundwork for success
  • What to consider before joining the family business
  • Important developmental experiences
  • The role played by the successor in the revitalization of the business
  • Special challenges to the owner and successor
  • Ways to manage communications and family relationships during successor development

There are pre-Workshop activities, which may include readings, assessments, survey questionnaires or casework, so you are primed and ready to make tangible progress when a workshop begins.

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