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The final test of leaders is that they leave behind others who have the conviction and will to carry on.
Walter Lippman (adapted)

20/20 Executive Coaching is a leader in training, development, coaching and consulting. Why? Because before we begin, we take time to analyze the reasons for the gaps between performance and results, then give you an array of options to fulfill your specific training and budget needs.

Leadership Development Programs $$$$

Our Leadership Development Programs are comprehensive and custom-designed to fulfil your all-round organizational needs. These interventions are usually longer than educational seminars. Diagnostic tools are used to obtain the information necessary to align individual performance with organizational objectives. We work with your senior management to develop stimulating programs that are consistent with the company vision. This means more collaboration across boundaries, more effective teams, increased customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Educational Training $$$

Our Educational Training Seminars are usually specific one-, two- or three-day events brought about by needs identified by the company. Although there is always the opportunity to add company-specific materials to the program, these educational sessions are usually more general in nature and meant to increase professional proficiency and build managerial competencies. These programs will give managers the skills necessary to lead, to organize, handle conflict, and communicate more effectively.

Executive Coaching $$

Executive Coaching can be done either in conjunction with the above or as a stand-alone option. We work one-on-one with your key players to unleash their full potential. We focus on your corporate strategies and then help individuals develop the expertise needed to function in today's highly competitive environment and to realize your vision of success.

Group Coaching $$

Incredible opportunities exist for you and your staff to explore new ways of broadening your talents. Group coaching is offered instead of educational seminars, saving the cost of travel and staff being away from the office for extended periods of time.

Telephone Seminars $

Give your staff the opportunity to join in with others from across the country for exciting learning opportunities. The price is modest, the topics vary, and they can participate from the comfort of their home or office.

We have a successful track record of designing and delivering any combination of programs -- they are leading-edge, highly interactive and use the power of simulations to help people get better at all aspects of leading. Over 80 percent of our sessions involve experiential learning and participant/facilitator interaction.

Our programs begin with activities that may include readings, assessments, survey questionnaires or casework before the main session, so you are primed and ready to make tangible progress as soon as we begin.


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